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Victory is priceless…

July 22, 2009

Apparently this week something historic happened at Lords, and boy are the Aussies not happy! Thankfully those down under have had sporting success in other realms, namely with a certain Mr. Webber’s recent maiden victory, but it seems that success will have to be it’s own reward for Mark since increased sponsorship won’t be

When he first started out companies such as Foster’s and that popular Australian export Yellow Pages(?!), were clamouring  to tie their colours to the Webber’s speeding cart but in the last 130+ races they’ve understandably grown a little impatient and moved elsewhere, leaving Australia’s third GP victor without a local sponsor. German, Brazilian and English brands have all had some involvement in the sport, backing drivers and manufacturers from their respective lands so are the Aussies missing a trick?

Mark’s manager, and wife and PR supremo, Ann Neal says that companies need to be shown the benefit of F1 sponsorship before they’re encouraged to invest and in the past yes this could have proved difficult; it’s a simple fact those at the back of the grid get less coverage than those at the front and with Australians being traditionally successful in many sporting arenas drivers faced a lot of competition for a limited amount of sponsorship.

According to Mark’s predecessor, Alan Jones, fans would be happy to see Webber backed by a local sponsor and it’s a missed opportunity. Brands are famous for getting behind stars who have tasted victory (think Olympian Chris Hoy and Bran Flakes) but such deals take time and effort, effort according to reports the Red Bull team are unlikely to make. The team have said whilst they’re happy to point journalists in Mark’s direction the only campaign built around his victory will be the column inches the journo’s chose to write. This seems a strange decision to take and, in difficult times for the sport, I would think the team would be looking for any and all sponsorship opportunities.

What do you think? Would you like to see sponsors backing their countrymen? Or do you think one victory does not a media darling make? As always you know what to do with the comment button!

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  1. lazzydays permalink
    July 22, 2009 11:58 pm

    You asked about brand loyalty before, when you pointed out how Americans tend to be fiercely loyal to U.S. brands that sponsor U.S. sport such as NASCAR. I think the local angle is a big selling point in a lot of countries but then again so can being relavent to the sport. A friend of mine and his brother are heavily involved in NASCAR and quite a lot with INDY and they say that motor related products get loyalty that borders on obsessive, the other products that get the greatest loyalty are beer, BBQ etc. leisure stuff and after that it’s other local stuff, but I think he was talking about real ‘local’ advertising. Anyway, yes they should be looking to sponsor him. Different countries show different levels of loyalty to different brands and I would bet the Australians are fiercely loyal.
    P.S. sorry for not getting back to you about the thing you did before when you acctually asked for info. on the American brand loyalty thing, but I hadn’t been online for a while and by the time I read your post it was too late.


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